Holistic Dentist Dr. Nischwitz Shares How Your Teeth Impact Overall Health

I don’t go to a regular dentist. Matter of fact, for reasons you’ll discover in this podcast episode, I wouldn’t personally step foot near a “regular” dentist’s office. Instead, because I understand how profound an impact my teeth, gums, tongue, and oral cavity have on my entire biological system, I only work with a holistic dentist (in my case, Dr. Craig Simmons at the Holistic Dental Center of Spokane).

Due to my strong interest in this matter of dental health and holistic dentistry, I recently read a fantastic new book “It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness” by holistic dentist Dr. Dominik Nischwitz.

This brand new, fully updated book highlights how the future of medicine―and the key to a healthier life―starts in your mouth, and how American dentists are beginning to discover what some of their European counterparts have long understood: Many common chronic conditions―obesity, inflammation, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, among others―often have their origins in the mouth. In a groundbreaking new work, Dr. Nischwitz presents the principles of biological dentistry along with emerging scientific research on the mouth’s vital role in the body’s microbiome―a key to whole-body wellness.

Challenging conventional dental wisdom that views the teeth as separate from the rest of the body, and conventional dental practices that often cause more harm than good, my podcast guest today, Dr. Nischwitz himself, lays out:

  • The latest research on the microbiome and the mouth.
  • Critical information on the dangers of root canals and amalgam fillings.
  • The important role of nutrition in oral health and hygiene.
  • A clarion call for a new approach to dentistry.
  • And much more.

This episode offers a necessary new approach to natural immunity to chronic disease and integrating dental hygiene into whole-body health. Dr. Nischwitz is a holistic dentist and naturopath, a world specialist in biological dentistry and ceramic implants, and the president of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI). In 2015, Dr. Nischwitz cofounded DNA Health and Aesthetics, Center for Biological Dentistry with his father in Tübingen, Germany. A pioneer in the field of holistic odontology, Dr. Nischwitz regularly gives lectures and trainings around the world.

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-Dr. Nischwitz’s and Ben’s personal oral care regimens…6:53

-An overview of holistic dentistry…23:46

  • Overlap of functional medicine and high-tech dentistry with the goal of optimal health by starting in the mouth
  • Remove all metals from the mouth under special precautions
  • Remove all root-canal treated teeth and “cavitations”
  • Amalgam contains 50% mercury (a common filling)
  • Allergies and toxicity are common problems
  • EMFs are an increasing issue
  • The mercury in a filling can spread to the jaw and even the brain within 24 hours of being filled
  • Ceramic implants are being used rather than metals
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • 70% of chronic diseases begin in the mouth

-The link between the nervous system and the teeth…38:50

  • A study conducted with electro-acupuncture found that each tooth is connected with different organs
  • IBS, chronic fatigue, high cortisol levels can be traced to previous procedures, ex. wisdom teeth removed
  • Dominik had a case of chronic back pain go away after a holistic dental surgery
  • Oral health affects the vagus nerve
  • Holistic dentistry is not well-researched in the dental field
  • FDA says that everything in your teeth (fillings, implants, etc.) is a device, thus does not need to be viewed from a toxicological point of view

-Whether or not wisdom teeth really need to be removed…50:56

  • Weston A. Price studied endogenous peoples such as aborigines and found they had perfectly aligned teeth, perfect spines, good breathing, etc.
  • Newer generations on Western diet was a different story
  • The microbiome is passed down from the mother
  • Breastfeeding should be done minimum of 18 months; activates the lower jaw to grow
  • Wisdom teeth should grow naturally if the mouth is taken care of as a child
  • Wisdom become “impacted” if they don’t have space to come out
  • Impacted teeth cause chronic inflammation

-How chewing assists with the production of TH-17 immune factor cells…58:42

  • TH-17 cells are correlated with autoimmune problems
  • Chewing prompts saliva production
  • Microbiome in the mouth is far more diversified than other parts of the body
  • A conventional dentist is concerned only with the bite, whether there is pain or not
  • Chronic diseases may not necessarily be painful
  • Netflix pulls controversial documentary that claims root canals cause cancer
  • Mold and Lyme disease are common conditions Dominik sees in his initial consultations
  • Immune system becomes more aggressive

-What pellicles are, and how saliva helps take care of them…1:07:48

  • Pellicle is a thin coat on top of the teeth (like a tiny net on top of the tooth)
  • Protects the enamel from grinding, looseness in the mouth, etc.
  • Saliva contains building blocks for pellicles and mineralization of the teeth
  • PH levels drop when you eat; covered by saliva and pellicles
  • Problems come when you eat excessively acidic foods
  • Maintain adequate minerals, hydration, oil pulling, etc.
  • Taking care of the pellicles and maintaining proper saliva production helps prevent bacteria building that causes inflammation and toxicity that can spread to other organs
  • Dental work disrupts the mouth microbiome
  • Saliva is an electrolyte; metals in the mouth can be problematic
  • BGF podcast with Dr. David Minkoff
  • BGF podcast with Dr. Dan Pompa

-How to find a holistic dentist near you…1:20:46

-And much more…

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