Recovery For Aging Athletes, Cross-Patterning, A New Kind Of High Intensity Interval Training, An Oxygen Boosting Supplement Called “Oxcia” & More!

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In the podcast episode “Shattering World Swim Records On 25-Piece Fried Chicken Buckets, Climbing Mountains While Eating Defatted, Vegan, Grass-Fed, Argentinian Liver Anhydrate & Much More” I interviewed athlete, mountain climber, former collegiate and Olympic trials qualifying competitive swimmer and supplement designer Craig Dinkel about a special blood oxygenating formula called “Biotropic”.

After that interview, I received an onslaught of questions about everything from grass fed liver anhydrate to cordyceps senesis to hidden benefits of beetroots, the detoxification properties of algae, whether it’s really true you can get all the benefits of blood doping without actually blood doping and more.

So Craig came back in the podcast “How To Legally Dope Your Blood (Without Actually Taking Illegal Drugs).“, and in that podcast, we took a deep dive into the unique blood building formulation Craig has designed.

Now Craig returns for a third time to take a deep dive into a new formulation called “Oxcia” (use code “ben” to get a 20% discount and free shipping), and to also talk about recovery for aging athletes, cross-body patterning, a form of high intensity interval training called “HIIQT” and much more!

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-A form of training called cross-body patterning, and exactly how Craig implements it…[8:10]

-The difference between HIIT and High Intensity Interval Quality Training (HIIQT)…[14:10]

-The machine Ben has in his office to hyperoxygenate his body and also to stimulate altitude…[23:20]

-The one fruit that simulates Viagra and gives you a full body “pump”…[27:10]

-How citrulline can be used to significantly enhance power and force output during exercise…[33:15]

-The single component found in apples that can increase ATP production and vasodilation…[41:30]

-The mushroom extract that also increases ATP and activation of lung tissue that can be combined with other vasodilators…[46:00]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

-BioTropic Blood Oxygenating supplement (use code “ben” to get a 20% discount and free shipping on any and all products, including the new “Oxcia” we talk about in this episode!)

The Crossover Symmetry training for shoulders that Ben talks about

The Onnit Battlebag

-Article: How To Look Good Naked & Live A Long Time

The LiveO2 system Ben uses in his office (use code BEN for $300 off!)

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