Why Your DNA Is Worthless (& What You Need To Focus On Instead).

Your DNA alone is worthless.

So claim my guests on today’s show, Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Mike Mallin of Wild Health, with locations in Versailles, KY and Bend, OR. I first interviewed these guys in the episode “How To Use Precision Medicine To Enhance Athletic Performance, Defy Aging, Balance Hormones, Fix The Heart & Much More.” and now they’re back to talk all things DNA and genetics.

Dr. Matt Dawson is a precision medicine physician in Lexington, KY, co-host of the Wild Health Podcast, and has been obsessed with performance optimization as long as he can remember. He received scholarships to play two sports in college even with “minimal talent” because of his voracious reading and implementation of any fitness or nutritional techniques that would give him an edge. Dr. Dawson continued that obsession in medical school, and as a physician, he has won national awards for education, innovation, and leadership. He has lectured in over 20 countries and trained thousands of other physicians through live lectures, online education, two textbooks, and an educational app.

Dr. Dawson combines his training in genomics and functional medicine to give personalized, precise medical guidance. His obsession with performance optimization has morphed from, initially athletic, to now mental performance and longevity. Whether it’s a professional athlete or a grandparent optimizing their mental clarity and mobility to keep up with their grandkids, Dr. Dawson is passionate about helping everyone perform at their absolute peak.

Dr. Mike Mallin is a physician in Bend, OR who is obsessed with health performance and precision medicine and is co-founder of the Wild Health Podcast. He completed medical school in South Carolina and trained in Emergency Medicine in Salt Lake City, UT where he competed in several ultramarathons and found his love for the mountains and performance.

Mike currently practices in Bend, OR and Lexington, KY in his precision medicine clinics. He is also co-founder of the Ultrasound Podcast, an educational podcast that has taught thousands of physicians all over the world how to use ultrasound.

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-Why DNA data in and of itself is insufficient…6:30

  • Epigenomics: Genomics taken in context of the whole person
  • Get a sense of what a person’s genes are transcribing via lab values
  • Understand how lifestyle and habits can affect specific genes (ex. PGC1A)
  • Needed a simplified means of interpreting genetic results
  • Falsehoods have been noted in DNA reports
  • A comprehensive analysis includes lifestyle, preferences, microbiome, etc.
  • DNA reports will occasionally translate RSID’s wrong
  • Misreading data can lead to unhealthy lifestyle decisions

-What sets Drs. Dawson and Mallin’s new software apart from other DNA software…13:26

  • Lifestyle and patient preferences factor heavily
  • Microbiome data is important
  • Looking for a more comprehensive picture of a patient than simple data
  • Cholesterol levels, cardiovascular conditions, etc. are taken into account

-The results from the software thus far…18:11

  • “Whole picture” approach allows for more accurate diagnoses and appropriate recommendations
  • Cardiovascular risk down  by over 50% in less than 6 months on average
  • LP(a) decreases more than 2 years of statin treatment
  • LDL-P down an average of 357 points per patient
  • CRP down over 50% in patients who start off with it elevated
  • Average HRV increase of 15 from genomic-based training programs
  • All mostly without pharmaceuticals

-How Matt and Mike test for aging and their “gold standard” longevity protocol…23:32

  • Get the basics right first: sleep, environment, exercise, sunlight, etc.
  • Personalized: genomics, preference-based
  • Get biological age first:
    • True Age Test
    • DNA Age Test
  • Horvath Clock tests methylation in the body; telomere test results have been erratic
  • Pulse press cycle is important
  • MOTS-C
  • Resveratrol
  • NAD
  • Article: Growth hormone, DHEA, and metformin reversed aging
  • Use peptides w/ caution; opt for natural treatments first
  • Exercise protocols used during anabolic phase of treatment
  • Dr. John Douillard’s Colorado Cleanse
  • Dr. Valter Longo’s Prolon Kit

-NAD protocols used by Mike, Matt, and Ben…43:00

-Peptides used in the Wild Health practice…50:23

  • Semax for neuro-cognitive  strength
  • Selank for anxiety
  • Dihexa for neural optimization
  • CJC-1295
  • Ipamorelin
  • Epithalon
  • GHK
  • Zinc Thymulin
  • Tailor Made triple (zinc, copper and minoxidil)
  • BPC 157 and Thymosin Beta 500 for injury recovery

-Goings on at the Kentucky Castle…53:48

  • Spa, float tank, cryotherapy, sauna on site
  • Food and farming on site
    • Organic garden
    • Sheep and goats
    • Chickens
  • April 7-9 conference
    • Ben will be speaking
    • Teach how to apply what’s been discussed in this episode
    • Open to the public, but focused on physicians and practitioners

-How Mike and Matt practice what they preach on an individual level…56:45

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Wild Health MD website

April 7-9 event at the castle (Stay tuned to my calendar for details.)

DNA methylation age of human tissues and cell types

Growth hormone, DHEA, and metformin reversed aging


Dr. John Douillard’s Colorado Cleanse

Dr. Valter Longo’s Prolon Kit

Quicksilver Push Catch Liver detox

Weston A. Price diet

Thorne Resveracel

Tailor Made Compounding

MiCacao cacao tea

Episode sponsors:

Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10.

Organifi Glow: A plant-based beverage that helps support the body’s natural ability to produce collagen, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin from sun exposure and toxins. Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: BENG20

Beekeeper’s Naturals: A wellness company specializing in innovative nutraceuticals made from healing hive compounds and plant-based ingredients. Get 15% off your order when you use discount code: BEN

Vuori: Activewear and athletic clothing for ultimate performance. Vuori is built to move and sweat in, yet designed with a West Coast aesthetic that transitions effortlessly into everyday life. Receive 25% off your first order when you use the link Vuoriclothing.com/Ben

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Dr. Dawson, Dr. Mallin, or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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Dr. Gundry and Darin Olien discuss the world’s most powerful “superfoods”

Ever wondered what makes a “superfood” super?

My guest on today’s episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, Darin Olien, has traveled to over 40 countries in search of the most powerful and nutritious foods on earth. His travels have even earned him the nickname “Superfood Hunter.”

And recently, Darin has come across one of the most nutritious (and tasty!) foods on earth — and it’s now available in grocery stores across the country.

On this episode, Darin and I chat about some of the world’s most powerful foods, five secrets to a longer life, and the “snack food” you should be eating A LOT more of.

So listen in — you won’t want to miss this episode!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The shocking “exotic” secret the food companies DON’T want you to know (6:00)
  • How stress has produced one of the most potent and powerful olive oils in the world (you won’t believe where these olives are growing) (7:15)
  • How one tiny nut nearly sparked a war (14:15)
  • My “go to” low-calorie snack that is WAY more nutritious than an almond (17:00)
  • One “brain-boosting” fruit that you’re probably NOT eating (and why that’s actually shocking) (28:05)
  • Darin’s 3 “desert island” superfoods and why you should be consuming more of them (29:50)
  • Five “globe-trotting” secrets for a longer, happier, and more vibrant life (32:00)
  • The “dangerous” secret buried in the label of your kombucha (38:35)

Mentioned on this episode:

SuperLife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome


SuperLife Living (Twitter)

Daren Olien (Instagram)

Baruka Nuts (official site)

Baruka Nuts (Facebook)

The Longevity Paradox 

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172 Marathons, 16 months in prison – but THIS was the hardest thing he did.

Biohacking — Bulletproof Style

Are we addicted to chemicals in soil? l Eugenia Bone

Watch on YouTube:





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How To Modify Your Exercise And Nutrition As You Get Older

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Aug 15, 2012 free podcast: How To Modify Your Exercise And Nutrition As You Get Older. Also: healing a broken foot, dealing with an eating and/or exercise disorder, post workout nausea, using the MostFit Suspension System, does your body self-limit, healing your gut after radiation therapy, ammonia in your sweat, and can green coffee bean extract hurt your workouts?

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Listener Q&A:A donate button that reads - keep the podcasts coming

As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Tony:
Recently broke a bone in his foot and is looking for help from the nutritional side and supplement side. Also looking for advice on how to stay fit while on crutches for the next 8 weeks.

~ In his response to Troy, Ben mentions Capraflex.

Audio Question from Chuck:
Has been dealing with an eating disorder for years. Is currently checked in to an in-patient facility and eating all meals there. Exercise is frowned on until more weight is restored. Feels like all the weight he is putting on is going straight to his stomach. Wants to distribute the weight more evenly without sabotaging any success he is having in the program.

Audio Question from Ben:
Post workout nausea and/or lightheadedness. He trains fasted, usually around 11 or noon. Drinks a shake in the locker room right after lifting, squatting, push/pull etc… drinks a small coconut water and whey protein shake. 10 or 15 minutes after the shake he gets dizzy and nauseous. He doesn’t have this issue if he skips the shake.

Audio Question from Ben:
He is driving from California to New York and would like to stay fit during the trip. Do you think he could anchor the Most Fit Suspension Trainer on the car door the same way you do on a home or hotel door?

~ In his response to Ben, Ben mentions The MostFit Suspension Strap.

Bill asks:
I am a 60 year old male triathlete and using Ben’s advanced 1/2 Ironman training plan. What adjustments in training, recovery and nutrition would you advise in general for older athletes? I find I’m taking an extra day off (usually an easy recovery training day) while working full time with family responsibilities.

~ In his response, Ben mentions the liquid multivitamin.

Bill asks:
About eight months ago (before I became a listener) I purchased Ellington Darden’s “New High Intensity Training,” As a result of applying this approach, I have become stronger, at 48-years-old, than at any other time in my life (including while playing college football). It’s been great. However, I have two concerns. First, I am still going up… with no particular reason to keep getting stronger. I’m a creative director, not an offensive tackle. Should I just pick a plateau and choose to stay there forever? Or what? Also, my lifts are starting to be limited by (or possibly damage) non-target areas – for example, I could go higher on dumbbell flies as far as my chest is concerned, but my wrists aren’t strong enough. And I can keeping squatting higher weights, but my hips are hurting. Seems like my body’s trying to self-limit, maybe? I am surprised by how strong I have become with no ceiling in sight… is there a ceiling? Any thoughts, on HIT training in general and this situation in particular?

Lauri says:
My partner just completed abdominal radiation therapy for cancer. Needless to say, this pretty much trashed her digestive system. I have been looking into the GAPS diet as a potential method to help her along the healing path. However, when I’ve done a search through PubMed, I have not been able to find any peer reviewed articles on this diet. Are you familiar with any that are out there? I may just not have the correct search parameters.

~ In his response, Ben talks about the book: Fourfold Path To Healing.

Andrew asks:
I seem to be producing very high levels of ammonia in my sweat. In fact, if I was working out in a public gym I’m sure people would think I’d wet myself. This seems to be irrespective of whether it’s a low intensity long workout or high intensity intervals. I consider my diet reasonably balanced though I am having trouble lowering my body fat levels despite a slow but steady weight loss. I take no supplements though I have just purchased a protein powder.

Gerry says:
I recently watched a Dr. Oz episode that mentioned chlorogenic acid in the form of pure green coffee bean extract. The info presented stated that this acid slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream and burns glucose and fat in the liver. I’m trying to drop weight, but I’m a very active triathlete who works out 6 days per week. Would this supplement be beneficial to help me reach my weight loss goals? Or would it be detrimental to my training and nutrition by decreasing the amount of glucose available to my body during workouts?

Prior to asking your question, do a search in upper right hand corner of this website for the keywords associated with your question. Many of the questions we receive have already been answered here at Ben Greenfield Fitness!

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7 Crazy Biohacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Strap yourselves in for a wild biohacking ride full of new biohacks—some of which I hadn’t even heard of.

My guest on today’s podcast is named Marc. That’s it. That’s the only information I’ll release about his identity.

He started his career in investment banking and financing renewable energies and now arranges financing for various government projects—from hydro dams, to farms, to airports—and is now heavily immersed in the fields of biohacking and researching emerging health-enhancing technologies, primarily inspired by managing an incurable genetic defect in his kidneys.

In this podcast, we delve into a host of new biohacking technologies you’ve probably never heard of, from NAD boosters, to stem cell enhancing protocols, to longevity and anti-aging molecules, and much more!

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-How Marc got interested in these biohacks…8:03

  • Doing due diligence for banking investments revealed a lot of flaws in technologies such as solar and wind power
  • Became a trusted voice among his partners and investors due to his findings

-How to change the gravitational pull inside your cells to speed up the healing process…11:38

  • Marc was diagnosed w/ polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
    • Defective on PK-1 protein; cysts develop on the kidney
    • Standard medicine considers it incurable
  • Began ketogenic diet (low glucose slows the growth of the cysts)
  • Increase in klotho protein halts the disease
    • Changes the gravitational pull inside the cells, thus changing the time perspective in which they can heal (40 hrs of healing w/in a 24 hr time frame)
  • Immortalis probiotic
    • Very expensive: ~$2500/month
    • Extremely detail-oriented protocol
    • Use olive oil or yogurt as a precursor approx. 3-4 days before ingesting
  • How the klotho protein is activated and suppressed
    • Psychological stress, inflammation, oxidative stress and depression mitigate its production
    • Angiotensin decreases klotho
    • Vitamin D, insulin, exercise (resistance training), cordyceps, ginseng extract, activated charcoal increase klotho
    • Vitamin D transport system activates immune system
    • Nagalase enzyme suppresses the immune system by suppressing immune cells
    • GcMAF mitigates damage done by nagalase

-Ways to protect from harmful 5G technology…32:15

-The skinny on V-cells…44:30

  • V-cells are totipotent cells
  • Different types of cells:
    • Totipotent cells can become any type of cell (the crème de la crème of stem cells)
    • Pluripotent can be a variety of different cells
    • Multipotent cells, less variety
    • Singular potent – only one type of cell
  • Embryonic-like stem cells
    • “Non-activated”—dormant, body doesn’t know what to do with them
  • Device in the works to increase bioavailability of V-cells
    • High-frequency pulse laser
    • Very small margin of error for it to be efficacious
  • BGF podcasts mentioned:
  • Increased exercise and caloric restriction will mobilize small v-cells

-A mostly unknown way to boost NAD levels…58:02

  • Change the environment so that cells produce NAD sans precursors (such as nicotinamide riboside, NR)
  • NAD increase of 242%
  • NAD+ is used by the body, then converted into NR
    • This becomes downregulated w/ age
  • Nuchido for boosting NAD

-A natural way to upregulate endothelial stem cells…1:03:55

-Interesting biohacks related to water…1:07:42

-A device that increases the mineral density of plants…1:18:03

  • Ark Crystals
  • Lab-grown
  • Placed close to organism w/ water, allows water to come back to its original structure
  • Pesticides are not necessary
  • Water becomes 100% coherent
  • Water and Wellness deuterium-depleted water

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Endocrine function and neurobiology of the longest-living rodent, the naked mole-rat

The secreted Klotho protein restores phosphate retention and suppresses accelerated aging in Klotho mutant mice

Immortalis (Klotho supporting probiotic)

Theory Of Relativity Video by Dr. Marco Ruggiero from RAADFest

5G Bio Shield

Impact of EMF on the microbiome

The BluShield device (code: BEN)

Flula Borg’s YouTube channel

– Book: The Human Photosynthesis

– Book: Boundless

Nuchido for boosting NAD

Water And Wellness hydrogen water drinking tablets (code: GREENFIELD)

Water And Wellness hydrogen bath tablets (code: GREENFIELD)

HBOT chamber Ben uses

Ark Crystals

Water And Wellness Deuterium Depleted Water (code: GREENFIELD)

Dr. Halland Chen

Dr. Neil Riordan

Get Instant Access to the ARK crystal Human Study Report

– BGF podcasts mentioned:

The following links are research articles and reports sent to Ben by our guest.

– Reports on Low Deuterium Water

Advanced Resonance Kinetics Crystal Technology

Effects of Pre-surgical Vitamin D Supplementation and Ketogenic Diet in a Patient with Recurrent Breast Cancer

Molecular Hydrogen Increases Stress Resilience in Mice

Aqua Cure brochure

The Ruggiero-Klinghardt (RK) Protocol for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Conditions with Particular Focus on Lyme Disease

Advanced Resonance Kinetics Crystal Technology

Antioxidant Bioactivity of Molecular Hydrogen Gas Produced by Intestinal Bacteria with Undigested Carbohydrates

Serotonin and dopamine graphic

Fecal microbiota and brain microbiota in neurological diseases

Could hydrogen sulfide hold the key to a longer life?

Phospholipase C activation induced by noradrenaline in rat hippocampal slices is potentiated by GABA-receptor stimulation

A new methodology of viewing extra-axial fluid and cortical abnormalities in children with autism via transcranial ultrasonography

Commentary: Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels

A Novel Approach to Klotho Aimed at Delaying and Reversing Aging

The Human Microbiota and the Immune System; Reflections on Immortality

Alzheimer DNA Activation and Relativistic Time Dilation

Molecular hydrogen: a therapeutic antioxidant and beyond

Emerging mechanisms and novel applications of hydrogen gas therapy

Hydrogen Sulfide, the Next Potent Preventive and Therapeutic Agent in Aging and Age-Associated Diseases

A New Approach for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders. Molecular Hydrogen Significantly Reduces the Effects of Oxidative Stress

On the impact of quantum biology and relativistic time dilation in autism

Effects of Vitamin D3 and Paricalcitol on Immature Cardiomyocytes: A Novel Role for Vitamin D Analogs in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Molecular hydrogen: A preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases

Independent expression of human a or B platelet-derived growth factor receptor cDNAs in a naive hematopoietic cell leads to functional coupling with mitogenic and chemotactic signaling pathways

Protease and cyclooxygenase inhibitors synergistically prevent activationofhuman platelets

Klotho: a humeral mediator in CSF and plasma that influences longevity and susceptibility to multiple complex disorders, including depression

Recent Advances in Studies of Molecular Hydrogen against Sepsis

Modification of plasma glycosaminoglycans in long distance runners

Hydrogen sulfide increases thermotolerance and lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans

Episode sponsors:

-Boundless: Click here to pre-order Ben Greenfield’s new book “Boundless” now and to get in on the Boundless Sweepstakes!

The Kion Fasting Challenge: The Challenge starts January 6th, it’s completely FREE to join, and when you do you’ll get a bunch of exclusive content including access to a Q&A by yours truly answering all your burning fasting questions. To join just go to getkion.com/fasting

Seed Daily Synbiotic: A formulation of 24 unique strains, each of which included at their clinically verified dose, to deliver systemic benefits in the body. Save 15% off your order when you use discount code: BEN15

kApex: kApex breaks down the fats you eat into fatty acids, which allows you to increase the fatty acid oxidation inside your mitochondria both in your muscle and liver. Get 20% off your order when you use coupon code: GREENFIELDKX

Four Sigmatic: I’ve been using Four Sigmatic products for a while now and I’m impressed by the efficacies of their mushroom products. I use them. I like them. I support the mission! Receive 15% off your Four Sigmatic purchase when you use discount code: BENGREENFIELD

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for my secret podcast guest or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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Gina Hill tells Dr. Steven Gundry how going lectin-free changed her life.

If you eat right, make healthy choices, and STILL feel lousy… you’re not alone.

Not too long ago, my guest Gina Hill suffered from migraines, cystic acne, joint pain, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, pulsatile tinnitus, chronic fatigue, and depression — all while eating what she THOUGHT was a healthy diet.

But when she learned how to cut lectins from her diet, she was able to turn things around. “Since going lectin-free, I’ve reversed my Hashimotos and my thyroid levels are normal for the first time in 10 years,” says Gina Hill about her incredible results of going on the Plant Paradox program.*

As a result of her newfound health, she created “Lectin Free Creations by Gina,” a website and Instagram account with tasty lectin-free recipes and has even launched a lectin-free revolution in own community in Warrenton, Virginia. 

On this episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast, we discuss what it takes to go lectin-free, and how to eat right without feeling deprived.

We also discuss the almost instant benefits that can come with going lectin free.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What your doctors aren’t telling you about your adult acne (4:30)
  • The nightmarish symptoms of Rocky Mountain Fever (5:17)
  • Gina’s grocery bag tip for cutting out lectins “cold turkey” (12:40)
  • The truth about Ezekiel Bread (it’s not all it’s cracked up to be) (13:20)
  • The “dangerous” meal Gina was eating every day (you might be eating it too!) (14:20)
  • The instant benefits of going lectin free. (17:00)
  • Why the idea of “everything in moderation” needs to die (19:50)
  • What your fingers and toes say about your gut health (24:00)
  • An easy starter meal for lectin free “newbies” (30:00)
  • Gina’s no-nonsense secret for being successful on The Plant Paradox diet (34:20)
  • The connection between cutting lectins… and your eyebrows. Yep, really! (35:15)
  • The best lectin-free influencers to follow on Instagram (37:20)
  • What cheese and hard drugs have in common (41:20)
  • The food you should eat at night to help alleviate muscle cramps (46:30

*The Dr. Gundry Podcast does not offer medical advice.

Mentioned on this episode:

Rocky Mountain Fever

Ezekiel bread

Study on addictive foods 

Lectin Free Creations Instagram page

Lectin Free Creations by Gina website

If you like this episode, you may also enjoy:

From incurable disease to med-free (1 man’s story)

Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis changed her career… here’s how

She was “trapped” in a wheelchair – until she did THIS

Can your diet help you “age” backwards?

Dr. Gundry reveals: The secret life of lectins

Watch on YouTube:





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Natural Anti-Aging Strategies

Dr. Aubrey De Grey (pictured above) is a British researcher on anti-aging.

He claims he has drawn a roadmap to defeat biological aging, and provocatively proposes that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born. 

In today’s podcast, I interview Dr. De Grey, and we discuss his seven “reasons” for aging and what you can do about it. You’ll learn:

-Why aging may not actually be inevitable…

-7 strategies for increasing longevity…

-Which enzymes keep your body from building up junk…

-Cutting-edge strategies to keep you actually feeling good when you live long…

-And much more!

If you want to read more, De Grey expounds upon the following 7 principles and Delivery Systems he is developing:

1. Extracellular Junk
2. Death-Resistant Cells
3. Extracellular Crosslinks
4. Intracellular Aggregates
5. Mitochondrial Mutations
6. Nuclear Mutations
7. Cell Loss and Atrophy


Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:


Ending Aging book

The Island Where People Forget To Die article

Marine Phytoplankton drops

Pacific Elite Fitness Anti-Aging Pack

Questions, comments or feedback about anti-aging strategies? Leave your thoughts below!

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Natural Birth Control Alternatives & The Dangers Of The Pill

My guest on today’s show, Dr. Jolene Brighten, is a functional medicine naturopathic doctor and the founder of Rubus Health, a women’s medicine clinic that specializes in women’s hormones. She is recognized as a leading expert in post-birth control syndrome and the long-term side effects associated with hormonal contraceptives. Dr. Brighten is the best-selling author, speaker, and regular contributor to several online publications including MindBodyGreen. She is a medical advisor for one of the first data-driven apps to offer women personalized birth control recommendations.

You might be familiar with her also as the author of Beyond the Pill: A 30-Day Program to Balance Your Hormones, Reclaim Your Body, and Reverse the Dangerous Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill.

Out of the 100 million women (almost 11 million in the United States alone) who are on the pill, roughly 60 percent take it for non-contraceptive reasons like painful periods, endometriosis, PCOS, and acne. While the birth control pill is widely prescribed as a quick-fix solution to a variety of women’s health conditions, taking it can also result in other more serious and dangerous health consequences. Did you know that women on the pill are more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant? That they are at significantly increased risk for autoimmune disease, heart attack, thyroid and adrenal disorders, and even breast and cervical cancer? That the pill can even cause vaginal dryness, unexplained hair loss, flagging drive, extreme fatigue, and chronic infection. As if women didn’t have enough to worry about, that little pill we’re taking to manage our symptoms is only making things worse.

Dr. Brighten specializes in treating women’s hormone imbalances caused by the pill and shares her proven 30-day program designed to reverse the myriad of symptoms women experience every day—whether you choose to stay on the pill or not.

Featuring simple diet and lifestyle interventions, this podcast will be a crucial step to reversing the risky side effects of the pill, finally finding hormonal health, and getting your badass self back.

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-An overview of how the pill works…9:38

  • Dr. Brighten is a former user of the pill; didn’t understand the ramifications until studying in natural medicine
  • It works at your brain level
    • How do the ovaries know when to ovulate?
    • The pill distorts FSH/LH levels, thus affecting ovulation, menstrual cycles, etc.
    • Causes mood alterations and even difficulty getting pregnant once off the pill
  • What normal FSH/LH levels should be sans the pill
    • Day 1 of the period begins the “flow” of maturing eggs
    • FSH and estrogen rise
    • Once ovulation occurs, the corpus luteum secretes progesterone
  • Every form of birth control produces progestin, not progesterone
    • Weight gain is common
    • Water retention due to lack of progesterone
    • Moodiness is common
  • Key point: A woman stops ovulating because the pill is affecting her body at the brain level

-Dr. Brighten’s thoughts on supplementing w/ progesterone…16:03

  • There’s a time and place for it, but first ask “why” you need it
  • Can help w/ anxiety, sleep quality,
  • Women need progesterone to strengthen the myelin sheath in the brain; also w/ neuroplasticity
  • Important for bone health and the immune system
  • Book: Adrenaline Dominance
  • Book: The Warrior Diet
  • Some men can benefit from progesterone supplements
  • A safe environment is vital for progesterone levels
    • Stressful environments affect natural progesterone levels
    • The body will produce cortisol rather than reproductive hormones

-Why women are not equitably represented in the scientific community…23:43

  • Lean females should use caution while participating in intermittent fasting
  • Laws forbidding women from participating in studies have inhibited accurate data
  • Basic economics: it’s cheaper and easier to study males, be it humans or animals

-Real-time consequences of being on the pill…33:30

  • It affects which partner a woman is attracted to
    • Makes a woman less attractive to ideal partners
    • A woman may not be attracted to their partner when they come off the pill

-Effects of the pill on athletic performance…45:20

-How to go about getting off the pill…57:15

  • “All or nothing situation”; don’t wean yourself off
    • The brain is confused w/ reduced amounts of the pill if taking smaller quantities
  • Women use the pill for symptom management, vs. birth control
    • The symptoms will return if you don’t adjust your lifestyle
    • Prep the body for 90 days before going off the pill
  • Protocol  for Post Birth Control Syndrome, like addressing leaky gut issues, like slippery elm bark, marshmallow, aloe vera extract, colostrum, CoQ10
  • Organ meats are good (nature’s multivitamin)
  • Focus on every system in the body
  • Women have been able to save their own lives, advocating for themselves w/ doctors, in the ER, etc. (medical gender bias)

-More natural birth control alternatives…1:08:38

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

– Book: Beyond the Pill: A 30-Day Program to Balance Your Hormones, Reclaim Your Body, and Reverse the Dangerous Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill by Jolene Brighten

Birth Control Hormone Reset™

– Book: Adrenaline Dominance by Michael Platt

– Book: The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler

– Article: Science is male-dominated

– Article: Women aren’t properly represented in scientific studies.

– Book: ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life by Stacy Sims

– Book: In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life by Alisa Vitti

Organ meats by U.S. Wellness meats

Ancestral Supplements organ capsules

Oova birth control tracking method

Natural Cycles app

Episode sponsors:

-The BGF VIP Text Club: Get early access to deals, discount codes, and insider tips. Just text: FITNESS to 411-247

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Jolene Brighten or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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Is JOOVV’s red light therapy the next big thing in medicine?

It can improve the appearance of your skin, help you deal with pain and inflammation, and even boost your mood…

What I’m describing isn’t some previously undiscovered nutrient — I’m talking about red light.

My guest on today’s episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast is Scott Nelson, the cofounder of JOOVV, a red light and near infrared light therapy startup. Just a few years ago, Scott was a self-admitted skeptic of the benefits of red light… until he started reading the science.

On today’s show, Scott and I are going to dive into the science behind red light therapy, how and why it could help YOU slow aging and heal faster, and a simple and free way to get many of those benefits today.

So tune in to this episode and learn all about the next big thing in health and longevity.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why light can actually give you MORE energy (2:45)
  • The proven beneficial effects of red light on your skin and on pain and inflammation (4:00)
  • What the San Francisco 49ers know about red light therapy — and why everyone else is finally catching up (5:00)
  • Why red light and near infrared light are nothing like the “scary wavelengths” you find in 5G and other electronic devices (10:00)
  • You spend a shocking 93% of your entire life doing THIS (13:45)
  • The free and abundant source of healing energy you’re not getting enough of (16:30)
  • The “Home Depot solution” for red light therapy and why you SHOULDN’T try it at home (18:45)
  • How one big skeptic came around on the science of “woo woo” red light therapy (21:15)
  • The 1 type of light you MUST avoid to improve the health of your entire body (27:45)
  • What happened when I tested red light on my own body (and why my dogs absolutely loved it) (31:30)
  • The “forehead trick” for using near infrared light to improve your sleep (35:00)
  • Why aiming red light at a certain part of the male anatomy can have a DRAMATIC effect on testosterone levels (38:15)
  • Why you should ditch the “happy lamp” and get “more bang for your buck” with red light (38:15)
  • How much wine you’d need to drink to get 100mg of resveratrol (it’s A LOT more than you think) (40:45)

Mentioned on this episode:

JOOVV (official website)

PubMed search for red light therapy

Chromophores (definition)

Source of that 93% statistic

Red light therapy and increasing testosterone in men (from JOOV)

If you like this episode, you may also enjoy:

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How Shawn Stevenson Beat Degenerative Disc Disease

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11 Anti-Aging Tips

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Mike Greer is one bad-ass old dude.

I first met Mike at the Become Superhuman live event. The guy wandered into our morning workout and proceeded to destroy a handful of fit young guys and girls at burpees, lunges, push-ups and Turkish get-ups. With his Ironman gear and well-tanned skin, I figured he was one of these 50-some year-old triathlete workout enthusiasts.

Then I found out he was 75.

As I got to know him, one of the first things I learned about Mike Greer is this: just call him Greer.

The guy has worn many hats over the years: entrepreneur who has started over eight businesses, a military career as a retired Lt. Colonel, a football player,  a seven-time Ironman triathlete, the past president of the board of USA Triathlon, the president of the board and CEO of the Obstacle Racing Association, in the Texas Triathlon Hall of Fame, a father, grandfather, and a freaking great-grandfather…the list goes on and on and on.

Greer has what he calls “Eleven Points of Healthy Ageless Living”, and in this audio podcast episode, we delve into his anti-aging tips and ageless living secrets, including:

-What Greer means when he says “healthy, ageless living”…

-How to live an active sex life as you get older, and why you need to do it…

-Greer’s tips for eating to live as long as possible…

-Greer’s exercise protocol for healthy, ageless living…

-Why holding a grudge is one of the worst things you can do for your longevity…

-How stress can actually make you live longer…

-Greer’s biggest mistake he’s made that you can learn from…

-Greer’s biggest tip for achieving amazing feats of physical performance without destroying your body…

If you enjoyed this episode, you may also want to tune into:

7 Natural Anti-Aging Strategies That Will Stop Your Body From Getting Prematurely Old And Worn-Down.

Why You’re Aging Faster And 5 Things You Can Do About It.

The Zen Of Aging: How To Stay Fit and Look Amazing As You Get Older.

Questions, comments or feedback about Mike Greer and his anti-aging tips? Leave your thoughts below!

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Overcoming Addictions with Plant Medicine – Gerard Powell – #650

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking to a guest who by all outward appearances had it all. A member of the “one-percent,” Gerard Powell made his millions from creating and selling multiple companies. But his life was a mess in many ways, and he battled multiple addictions.

In his new book, “Sh*t the Moon Said: A Story of Sex, Drugs, and Transformation,” he says, “My many addictions during those years—drugs, alcohol, sex—were certainly destructive to myself and damaging to the people around me. But if there was anything good about that behavior, it would be the fact that I was seeking a different state of consciousness. I was seeking it in all the wrong places, but at least I was a seeker.”

Through plant medicine he mapped a psycho-spiritual path that helped him overcome his addictions and achieve lasting peace. Today, Gerard shares his journey and life-changing experience with ayahuasca—as well as how he now brings what he’s learned to others.

Gerard now is a consciousness thought-leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and inspirational speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, which is a go-to destination for a spiritually awakening experience.

Enjoy the show!

Listen on Google Podcasts

Follow Along with the Transcript

Overcoming Addictions with Plant Medicine – Gerard Powell – #650


Website: rythmia.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Rythmia
Twitter: twitter.com/rythmialac
Instagram: instagram.com/rythmia_
YouTube: youtube.com/rythmialifeadvancementcenter

Sh*t the Moon Said

Instagram: instagram.com/sh*tthemoonsaid
Facebook: facebook.com/sh*tthemoonsaid

Key Notes

  • Gerry had a “very bad start” in life 00:06:45
  • How Gerry used plant medicine to heal 00:15:55
  • Does Gerry worry about mind control aspect of these drugs? 00:20:00
  • People can go crazy from meditation 00:21:30
  • Having visions during breathwork versus plant medicine 00:23:4
  • How do you come back from a trip like this? 00:25:00
  • Why Gerry doesn’t vote 00:30:30
  • How do you know you are “merging with your soul?” 00:32:15
  • What the skeptical science minds say about shamanic practices 00:34:00
  • You don’t have to do drugs! 00:38:30
  • The relationship between addiction and trauma 00:42:00
  • The breathwork that Gerry does 00:46:20
  • Is this really happening or is it a placebo? 00:49:30
  • What are “machine elves” 00:54:20
  • Do people like what they find when they do this work? 00:57:45

Go check out my new book Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever and also “Game Changers“, “Headstrong” and “The Bulletproof Diet” on Amazon and consider leaving a review!

If you like today’s episode, check us out on Apple Podcasts at Bulletproof.com/apple and leave us a 5-star rating and a creative review.

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