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water webinar, Antioxidant Hydrogen Water WebinarAntioxidant Hydrogen Water Webinar

Antioxidant hydrogen water is one of the greatest breakthroughs in getting accessible health promoting biohacks into people’s homes. Everyone knows that drinking water is critical to good health. However, if you are drinking typical tap water, you are actually consuming a number of toxic chemicals that alter your hormones, poison your brain and increase your risk of cancer.

Having high quality water filtration is an ABSOLUTE MUST to be truly healthy in our world today! It is also important to minimize the use of plastic water bottles as plastic leaches out BPA and other hormone disrupting, cancer causing agents.

I recommend getting a high-quality water filter you can install in your home or apartment and drinking out of glass or stainless steal to minimize plastic. On top of that, I recommend drinking antioxidant rich water.

You can do this by adding lemon or lime to your water or you can do it with hydrogen water. The world’s smallest and most powerful antioxidant is hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water has tremendous health benefits.

Here’s some things you may not know about Hydrogen and Hydrogen water:

  • The Molecular Hydrogen machine has been classed as a medical device in Japan for many years, where it’s known as “Shin’nooru solution”
  • “The most exciting and profoundly effective antioxidant available today” – Dr Joseph Mercola
  • Hydrogen Water has restored the natural growth of brain cells in certain studies (think dementia)
  • Drinking hydrogen water has been shown to decrease cholesterol, and improve glucose tolerance in a human study (think diabetes)
  • In one study, 20 patients with early rheumatoid arthritis drank half a liter per day of hydrogen water for 4 weeks. By the end of the study, all patients were in remission.
  • Just about all the top functional health doctors that I spend time with swear by hydrogen water and my family and I use it personally in our home!

Hydrogen water is also one of the best things you can drink to support your gut health and immune system.  In today’s day and age, with the threat of a viral pandemic, it is extremely important to optimize our immunity and this is a HUGE REASON why I personally drink and recommend antioxidant hydrogen water.

You will learn all about the incredible antioxidant and antiaging benefits of hydrogen water in this webinar on Thursday, September 2nd at 4pm. My good friend Trevor King has done an extensive level of research on water filtration and has seen dramatic results with this water and he will be sharing the findings and bringing on experts to explain how antioxidant hydrogen water works.  He will also be offering an exclusive discount for the most well researched hydrogen water machines at the end of the webinar.

PS:  Tuning into the webinar live will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you want to the experts.  But if you can’t make it live, register here to get 7-day access to the webinar replay and if you are interested in getting one of these devices, you will get an exclusive discount at the end of the webinar.

water webinar, Antioxidant Hydrogen Water Webinar

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