Coconut Golden Milk (Anti-Inflammatory and Fat Burning!)

golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

Golden Milk

This golden milk is a tasty recipe made by Chené who is our recipe and social media manager from South Africa. Chené is a gifted photographer and posts recipes and lifestyle images on her instagram page here. I loved this recipe and I think you guys will really enjoy the golden milk.

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golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

Golden Milk




Yield 2 – 3/4 Cup Servings


1/2 can coconut milk

1/2 cup of filtered water

1 tsp organic turmeric powder

1 tsp organic cinnamon powder

5-8 drops liquid stevia


Step 1: Over medium heat, pour coconut milk and water into cooking pot and add turmeric and cinnamon powder. Stir until well blended.

Step 2: Let mixture simmer for about 5 mins and add stevia drops. Stir one more time and remove from heat.

Step 3: Pour into cup and serve the golden milk immediately.

Courses Beverage

Amount Per Serving

Calories 180

% Daily Value

Total Fat 18 g


Total Carbohydrates 1 g


Protein 1.5 g


golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

Special Notes:

Feel free to add in more spices like nutmeg to make the golden milk more flavorful if you wish.  To improve the flavor we use stevia, which is an all natural sweetener that dosn’t impact your blood sugar.  You can adjust the dosage of stevia depending upon how sweet you like it.

If you want some good quality protein with this to make it a full meal replacement, than I like adding in Collagen Peptides which has collagen protein that supports healthy joints, skin, hair, nails and helps to heal the gut lining.

You may not want to have this golden milk as a meal replacement but something you sip with meals.  After you make one serving, it will stay good for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator and you can always heat it up on the stove top or in a convention oven to make it warm.  I find it much more enjoyable when it is warm as opposed to cold out of the fridge!

Dr Jockers Comments

Golden milk is a classic Indian drink that is full of healthy fats and anti-inflammatory polyphenol compounds that improve the brain and the body.  This golden milk recipe has 0 grams of sugar and is both ketogenic and autoimmune friendly and helps to heal leaky gut syndrome.

If you are looking to keep inflammation down in your body than improving your blood sugar stability by taking out sugar and starch and replacing with healthy fats like coconut is a great first step.  The second step is to add in more anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric and cinnamon like we have in this golden milk recipe.

We also know that the polyphenols in turmeric absorb into our system best when combined with fat such as we have in the golden milk recipe. This golden milk is a staple drink we recommend for anyone with chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.  Try it out and let us know how you enjoyed it in the comments section below.

golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

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golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

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golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

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golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

golden milk, Coconut Golden Milk

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