Did Ben Greenfield Get Vaccinated, Omicron, & Much More

About two months ago, I had a deep and wide-ranging podcast conversation with Dr. Matthew Cook about COVID and vaccines.

That podcast wound up creating just as many questions as it answered.

Those included the extremely frequent, “Did Ben get vaccinated?” question (for my latest thoughts on that, check out this recent Instagram post), along with many questions regarding vaccine safety, efficacy, unvaccinated vs. vaccinated immunity, transmission, and many other topics—and also included a quite helpful pre/post-vaccine support strategies document you can download here, and several recent additional follow up episodes on immunity, COVID, and vaccines, including:

So today, Dr. Matthew Cook is back.

Dr. Cook has been a previous guest on the shows:

Dr. Cook is the President and Founder of BioReset Medical and Medical Advisor of BioReset Network. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in practicing medicine, focusing the last 14 years on functional and regenerative medicine. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and has completed a fellowship in functional medicine.

Dr. Matthew Cook’s early career as an anesthesiologist and medical director of an outpatient surgery center that specialized in sports medicine and orthopedic procedures provided invaluable training in the skills that are needed to become a leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

His practice, BioReset Medical, provides treatments for conditions ranging from pain and complex illness to anti-aging and wellness. He treats some of the most challenging to diagnose and difficult to live with ailments that people suffer from today, including Lyme disease, chronic pain, PTSD, and mycotoxin illness. Dr. Cook’s approach is to use the most non-invasive, natural, and integrative treatments possible.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Ben’s “Cook-esque” morning routine…05:45

-What we know about the Omicron variant…09:00

  • More contagious, yet less severe than other variants
  • Can still be a cause of long COVID
  • Will boost natural immunity in the population
  • Still a big deal for immunocompromised

-Can you get COVID twice?…12:53

  • COVID that exists today is different from the type that came out 2 years ago
  • Like influenza that keeps on mutating and evolving
  • COVID will be us in the foreseeable future
  • BGF podcast with Peter McCullough:
  • Bruce Patterson on Long Haul COVID
  • COVID Long Haulers
  • One can acquire acute COVID multiple times
  • Are you getting each variant of COVID once? Or the same twice?

-Whether Dr. Cook’s thoughts on vaccines have changed since the last podcast…18:15

  • Many vaccine injuries have been reported to Dr. Cook since the last podcast
  • Vaccines are not created equal
  • In the next months, data will be coming out regarding vaccines:
    • Which ones actually work
    • How well do they work
    • How long do they work for

-How to manage vaccine injuries…21:50

  • A lot of people with vaccine injuries also often have the classic causes of chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic fatigue stress (Lyme, mold, Epstein-Barr)
  • Functional medicine assessment of overall health:
    • Ozone therapy
    • Peptides that regulate the immune function; immune peptides in particular:
      • Thymosin Alpha-1
      • Thymulin
      • Thymosin Beta-4
    • Optimize Vitamin D
    • Maraviroc CCR5 antagonist – regulates and blocks monocytes activity
      • Maraviroc activity:
        • Prevents monocytes from migrating all over the body
        • They express the receptor that Maraviroc blocks CCR5
        • It also reprograms macrophages, so they stop making IL6, ranted VEGF, TNF alpha
        • Having high levels of these inflammatory cytokines
        • High persisting cytokines VEGF, and IL6 and another marker for activated platelets called soluble CD40 ligand (a marker for clotting)
    • Statins (Pravastatin) – calms down inflammation in the blood vessels (decreases vascular inflammation)
  • Peptides ultimately regulate the immune system  back into a calmer state
  • Exosomes and stem cells
  • Kimera Labs

-Peptides used to treat COVID…32:30

  • BPC 157
  • LL37
  • Thymosin B4 versus Thymosin B4 fragment 1-4

-Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in treating COVID…33:46

  • Both have some benefits in COVID but significantly less effective than vaccines and monoclonal antibodies
  • Ivermectin could have some GI side effects
  • Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies were more effective a few months back but that effectiveness is somewhat waning
  • People are also using Fluvoxamin antidepressant
  • Will use these in people who want to use them
  • Pfizer has come up with a new medication that is very effective at preventing hospitalization called Paxlovid, a repurposed AIDS medication
  • There are new monoclonals that are very effective against Omicron
  • Dr. Mercola says to prepare so that it is not a surprise when you get it
  • Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines

-How to find the treatments Dr. Cook is recommending (monoclonals) in this podcast…38:30

  • Regeneron’s REGN-COV2 is used as:
    • Treatment
    • Prophylaxis for immuno-compromised people
    • Generally available in urgent care centers
  • Bam (Bamlanivimab), made by Lilly
    • Generally available in urgent care centers
  • These monoclonals are used via infusion but effectiveness has waned
  • Sotrovimab by Glaxo Smith Kline appears to be effective for Omicron but is very difficult to obtain
  • Evusheld by AstraZeneca may be used for prophylaxis
  • Therapeutics Distribution

-What to include in a COVID “home first-aid kit”…42:10

-Therapies to combat coagulation, inflammation, antibacterial issues…51:07

  • Ozone will reduce the viscosity of the blood (for clotting)
  • Aspirin
  • Eliquis
  • Peptides also have a blood-thinning effect (decreases blood viscosity)
    • Thymosin Alpha-1
    • Thymosin Beta-4
  • Azithromycin – only if pneumonia is a concern
  • Doxycycline
  • Pulmicort nebulized inhalers for cough (prescription required)
  • Use anti-virals, peptides, supplements, medication for a total approach to supporting and regulating immune function

-Particular lab tests post-COVID or post-vaccine to keep an eye on health markers…54:35

-What are the things being done regarding long COVID or vaccine injuries that people should know about…57:42

  • Before and after getting the vaccine:
    • IV Vitamin C
    • Glutathione
    • Peptides if they are doing peptides

-Could there be more variants with fewer side effects and adverse consequences popping up?…1:00:21

  • To some extent, viruses tend to become less damaging over time, sometimes
  • The virus will have short- and long-term consequences

-And much more!

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