Episode #149 – When Heartburn Medications Can Be Dangerous

, Episode #149 – When Heartburn Medications Can Be DangerousIn This Episode:

  • The Big 3 game-changing questions: What are the pluses of proton-pump inhibitor medication, when do doctors prescribe it, and how does it pare down acid reflux disorder?
  • Find out how much long-term damage acid can do to your esophagus and your entire digestive system.
  • 9 common hints that you have heartburn and what existing condition puts a person more at risk of long-standing heartburn.
  • Discover the huge role proton pump inhibitors play in controlling gastric acid in the stomach BUT why long-term dependency on PPI is dangerous.
  • If stomach acid is not your enemy, then who is? Learn the 7 major jobs of stomach acid within your digestive system.
  • 19 common symptoms to watch for to signal low stomach acid levels, especially in people with low autoimmunity.
  • 5 compelling reasons why long-term use of heartburn medication is dangerous (based on THESE nasty side effects) and the 10 simple habits you can adopt today so you won’t need them.

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Too much and too little of something spoils everything. Whether it’s in the food you eat, the medicines you take, or the indulgences you entertain, moderation is key to a safer, healthier life. Dr. Jockers discusses the dangers of prolonged intake of heartburn medications and the natural solutions that can help alleviate the pain instead. He also tackles the major causes of why heartburn happens, the types of individuals who are more prone to suffer from it, and the specific activities you can incorporate in your daily activities to help improve your digestive environment.

“Medications have a time and place. Many of them have side effects, and taking them long-term can be dangerous.”

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #149 – When Heartburn Medications Can Be Dangerous    , Episode #149 – When Heartburn Medications Can Be Dangerous    , Episode #149 – When Heartburn Medications Can Be Dangerous


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, Episode #149 – When Heartburn Medications Can Be Dangerous

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