Episode #151 – Top 5 Adaptogens for Stress Reduction

, Episode #151 – Top 5 Adaptogens for Stress ReductionIn This Episode:

  • What unleashes your stress hormones and why too much or too little of them are bad for you (the same goes for your sex hormones!)
  • How stress throws the body’s equilibrium into disarray and the prolonged impact on your physical and mental health.
  •  8 great benefits of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.
  • 4 major consequences if you take too many adaptogens too quickly – and the upside of taking the right dosage for optimum results you’ll LOVE.
  • Where to find the 5 most-studied adaptogens for stress relief, better physical, mental, and emotional strength and endurance.
  • The wonders of the “mushroom of immortality” and its multiple health benefits.

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In today’s modern world, our days are incredibly busy. As we juggle work and responsibilities in our families, our personal welfare often suffers. Stress builds up and takes a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Dr. Jockers talks about the importance of taking in adaptogens to help the body fight against stress and the 5 best herbs and mushrooms as sources of high-quality adaptogens. He also shares other reasons to consider adding adaptogens to our daily consumption and the right dosage so that you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

“Adaptogens are these really powerful herbs and mushrooms that bring our bodies back to homeostasis.”

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #151 – Top 5 Adaptogens for Stress Reduction    , Episode #151 – Top 5 Adaptogens for Stress Reduction    , Episode #151 – Top 5 Adaptogens for Stress Reduction


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, Episode #151 – Top 5 Adaptogens for Stress Reduction

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