Episode #155 – Plant-Based Keto Diet for Cancer

, Episode #155 – Plant-Based Keto Diet for CancerIn This Episode:

  • Find out what foods cancer cells love to feast on. Surprise, they’re our favorites too! 
  • Plant-based diet versus a vegan diet – what’s the difference?
  • The greatest lessons a ketogenic diet teaches the body and how the created ketones can starve out cancer cells.
  • THESE foods are rich in the types of amino acids you want to avoid to heal or steer away from cancer.
  • Rebuild your food pyramid to better suit a plant-based diet.
  • Why chemotherapy and radiation work SIGNIFICANTLY more effectively on patients who follow a nutritional ketogenic diet.
  • Unleash the power of the plant-based diet and the ketogenic diet together to influence our epigenetics and generate positive genes for healing and repair.

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It is a well-known fact that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Dr. Jockers talks about a specific type of diet that increases the chance of man’s survival from this deadly condition. At the same time, he also shares the preventive measures that we can start today to leave no room for cancer cells to thrive inside our bodies. Discover how this diet is uniquely powerful and beneficial to the body and how it differs from the other types of diets known today. 

“If we’re going to prevent or heal cancer, one of the key strategies is significantly reducing the intake of sugar and starch.”

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #155 – Plant-Based Keto Diet for Cancer    , Episode #155 – Plant-Based Keto Diet for Cancer    , Episode #155 – Plant-Based Keto Diet for Cancer


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, Episode #155 – Plant-Based Keto Diet for Cancer

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