Episode #157 – Joint Inflammation: Causes and Natural Support Strategies

, Episode #157 – Joint Inflammation: Causes and Natural Support StrategiesIn This Episode:

  • Reading the cues from pain – from acute to chronic – empowers you to interpret what those aches are REALLY telling your body.
  • How inflammation turned against us to become the root of all known chronic health conditions in the body.
  • Avoid THESE 10 foods and ingredients that trigger the release of the harmful hormone that instigates chronic inflammation.
  • Learn the signs of insulin resistance before it drives up your blood sugar imbalance.
  • How biotoxins and mycotoxins inflame hazardous and chronic conditions in your body, and what specific vitamins and nutrients help your body defend itself.
  • Why using ketones as an energy source – instead of glucose – offers more amazing advantages (PSST, that includes preventing chronic inflammation!)
  • Unleash THIS powerful protocol that reduces pain quickly and effectively – even better when paired with intermittent fasting or an extended water fast. 

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“What hurts us is what heals us.” When novelist Paulo Coelho wrote that line, he was probably referring to the body’s unique adaptation design. Inflammation is the body’s normal immune response to wounds, infections, injuries, allergies, and other illnesses. It is naturally a good thing because it protects the immune system from fatal attacks. When does it become harmful? The moment this inflammation becomes chronic and persistent. Join Dr. Jockers as he talks about joint inflammation and its major triggers and causes. He also shares the natural support strategies, healthy treatment alternatives, and top anti-inflammatory foods that we can take to alleviate or prevent chronic inflammatory conditions.

“Inflammation is part of the body’s healing response. It is designed to protect us from dying quickly from systemic infection.”

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #157 – Joint Inflammation: Causes and Natural Support Strategies    , Episode #157 – Joint Inflammation: Causes and Natural Support Strategies    , Episode #157 – Joint Inflammation: Causes and Natural Support Strategies


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, Episode #157 – Joint Inflammation: Causes and Natural Support Strategies

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