Episode #159 – Cardiac Autophagy: Healing Damaged Heart Cells

, Episode #159 – Cardiac Autophagy: Healing Damaged Heart CellsIn This Episode:

  • Only you can stop abnormal excess tissues from forming in your cardiac system. (We’ll motivate you by listing the problems that may arise if you don’t.)
  • Why autophagy is so vital to keep your heart beating and the factors – structural and functional – that slow cardiac autophagy down, in particular.
  • Don’t overdo it! The dangers of too much autophagy and the steps you can take to achieve the right balance.
  • Mitochondria’s major role in heart health and the 9 MAJOR factors that damage those tiny cells – aside from aging.
  • Why shifting to ketosis and drawing on ketones for energy – instead of glucose – fuels your mitochondria more effectively.
  • 8 ways to optimize cardiac autophagy, PLUS how fasting helps you use your ketone production more to your advantage. 
  • THESE healing strategies and natural approaches prevent cardiac failure and other heart-related diseases (and they are so easy to do).

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How do you heal a broken heart? I meant to ask that literally! In today’s episode, Dr. Jockers talks about the ways to restore the damaged cells of the heart to a healthy state via a process called autophagy. Understand the factors that lead to the decline of the heart’s flexibility and vigor. Recognize how a healthy heart looks like, so you’ll know in a heartbeat when yours is still at its peak or if it’s starting to decline. Then you’ll know what you can do to give it some TLC.

“Cardiac autophagy is a way to get rid of the abnormal or damaged cells in the heart.”

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #159 – Cardiac Autophagy: Healing Damaged Heart Cells    , Episode #159 – Cardiac Autophagy: Healing Damaged Heart Cells    , Episode #159 – Cardiac Autophagy: Healing Damaged Heart Cells


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, Episode #159 – Cardiac Autophagy: Healing Damaged Heart Cells

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