Episode #185 – Top 10 Strategies for Improving Deep Sleep

, Episode #185 – Top 10 Strategies for Improving Deep SleepIn This Episode:

  • Enlighten yourself with this one special tool that tracks your sleep and FINALLY makes sense of your sleep quality.
  • Why shutting off blue lights before bed soothes your brain.
  • Once you’re settled, these top 4 natural strategies sink you into a deep, quality sleep.
  • Take your sleep strategies to a more snuggly level with these 6 strategies that keep you snoozing deeply and soundly.
  • Stop sleeping like this! This sleeping posture disrupts your breathing and sleep quality. Instead, switch to the best sleeping position of all time.

“Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together,” says Thomas Dekker. In this episode, Dr. Jockers talks about how you can hack your way to a night of good quality sleep – and do it consistently! He explains why deep sleep is important and the factors that impede you from achieving this state. He also shares natural and higher-level strategies that can help improve your sleep quality and the tools to support these strategies. Learn how you can get that much-needed quality snooze before the holiday rush gets the best of you.

“Sleep is critical for every function of our body. Sleep is really when we heal. Sleep is when our brain detoxifies.”

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #185 – Top 10 Strategies for Improving Deep Sleep    , Episode #185 – Top 10 Strategies for Improving Deep Sleep    , Episode #185 – Top 10 Strategies for Improving Deep Sleep


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, Episode #185 – Top 10 Strategies for Improving Deep Sleep

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