Episode #188 – Advanced Nutrition for Dogs with Rodney Habib

, Episode #188 – Advanced Nutrition for Dogs with Rodney HabibIn This Episode:

  • Trauma can make or break you. In Rodney’s case, it paved the way to reversing cancer that hit a beloved pet and changed its life for the better.
  • Great news! You don’t need to travel around the world to find the cure for cancer. The ketogenic diet is available right here at home. 
  • Why you shouldn’t believe what veterinary colleges are telling the world about sugar – and its real effect on cancer treatment and reversal.
  • The astounding link between ketosis and living a long and healthy life.
  • Our dogs’ discomfort is a sign that something is threatening to shorten their lifespan BUT we can help them with time-restricted feeding.
  • Nobody likes cutting back, yet science-backed research makes a compelling case for consuming less food for greater gains.
  • Why do dogs love to eat the food of other dogs? Discover the ONE GREATEST FOOD in the world and how holistic veterinarians prescribe it to heal some of the most aggressive diseases, including cancer!

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Episode Intro

“Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.” When Roger Caras said that line, dog lovers like our guest in today’s episode could only nod in agreement. Rodney Habib, a multi-award-winning vlogger, best-selling author of The Forever Dog, and highly acclaimed speaker, shares the sad story that led to the creation of The Dog Cancer Series. This series highlights the indisputable role of the ketogenic diet in addressing the world’s most dreadful condition – cancer. Though it may seem surreal to face the fact that our pets can have cancer too, we all need to live with this reality and ACT ON before it’s too late.

This is a call for us to start looking inwards at how our emotional turmoils and quality of life are directly impacting the health of our pets

“What we perceive to be true becomes a justification why we do the things we do.”

– Rodney Habib

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, Episode #188 – Advanced Nutrition for Dogs with Rodney Habib    , Episode #188 – Advanced Nutrition for Dogs with Rodney Habib    , Episode #188 – Advanced Nutrition for Dogs with Rodney Habib


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, Episode #188 – Advanced Nutrition for Dogs with Rodney Habib

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