Ice Baths & Cold Therapy With Jason Stauffer & Adrienne Jezick

My guests on this podcast—Jason Stauffer and Adrienne Jezick—are the chilly, genius minds behind the Morozko Forge: the only ice bath in the world that can maintain freezing cold temperatures lower than any ice bath that exists…

…for meditation, fat loss, vagus nerve health, blood flow, and a ton of other benefits that you’ve heard me discuss in shows and articles such as:

So what is the Morozko Forge, exactly?

The Forge is basically the first ice bath (custom designed stainless steel tub) in the world to make its own ice, and to maintain incredibly effective and potent cold temperatures even when it’s 100+ °F outside! The Forge, designed for indoor or outdoor use, also uses ozone and microfiltration to maintain crystal-clear waters without harsh chemicals. More powerful than chlorine and bromine, and safer because it consists only of pure oxygen, ozone is terrific for cleaning cold water, which is why it is used in the most advanced drinking water treatment plants in the world. It allows you to maintain your desired temperature, so you can start at 55°F and work your way down to 33°F (or not), includes a two- and up to five-year warranty. Scientific studies indicate that deliberate cold exposure using a cold bath like this can:

  • Boost immune strength.
  • Promote potent longevity benefits.
  • Enhance weight loss.
  • Increase mitochondrial function.
  • Regulate autoimmune disorders.

You can learn more about the different Forge models, and special offers on each when you go to this page.

Jason C. Stauffer, President of Morozko Forge, is a Phoenix native, Army combat veteran, and ASU graduate with his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering. He has a background in healthcare analytics, game theory, and systems analysis and optimization. Jason’s early civilian career in for-profit pharmaceuticals gave him intimate knowledge of the decreasing ability of synthetic medicine to treat the underlying causes of diseases, aging, chronic ailments, and post-industrial afflictions of urban human society.

Adrienne Jezick, DCE Guide at Morozko Forge, began her practice with Deliberate Cold Exposure (DCE) for healing in October 2017. In 2013, she was diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases; Hashimoto’s, urticaria, and eosinophilic esophagitis. That is when Adrienne began her quest towards greater health. Since developing a regular DCE regimen, she has reversed all traces of autoimmune disease and is now guiding others to do the same. Adrienne created The Morozko Method: a sensory immersion meditation technique for Deliberate Cold Exposure and hosts workshops to certify other guides. She is also the creator of The Morozko Method Podcast, sharing the healing journey of the people she meets along her way.

During this discussion, recorded during a walk along the Spokane River, you’ll discover:

-Eating and fasting habits of cold thermogenesis aficionados…04:10

  • One meal a day (OMAD)
  • Dinner is the main meal of the day (4-5 pm)
  • High fat, low carb
  • Intermittent carb refeeds
  • Jessa’s carrot cake
  • Ben’s steak recipe

-How Jason and Adrienne became fanatically involved with cold therapy…08:26

  • Adrienne got sick in her early 30s
  • Diagnosed with three autoimmune conditions:
  • Conventional medicine essentially made her a prisoner of meds and insurance companies
  • Depression, anxiety, excessive stress associated with identifying one’s self as a chronically ill person
  • Reading fiction and the stoics for answers
  • Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

-First ice baths in 2017 show promising results…18:02

  • Amateur Wim Hof lessons led by a yoga instructor in Phoenix
  • Adrienne’s first ice bath lasted 9 seconds
  • Previously chronic pain began to dissipate after taking ice baths
  • DCE: Deliberate Cold Exposure
  • Difficult to take ice baths in Phoenix
  • Ben got his start with cold thermogenesis during his triathlon days

-Making ice baths commercially available…24:40

-How ozone keeps the water clean, and how the Morozko gets the water so cold…33:30

  • Ozone disinfection system
  • Change water 1-2 times per month
  • Ozone disinfects the water and doesn’t stay in the water
  • No issues with breathing in ozone
  • Chiller units rely on moving water through the device; thermodynamic limitations
  • Morozko doesn’t rely on moving water to drop the temperature

-Ice bathing for workout recovery…40:55

  • ARX Fit strength training machines
  • Cold preceding strength training showed an increase in the efficacy of the workout
  • Article by Brad Kearns on amplification of performance with cold before workouts
  • Length, intensity of the cold make a significant difference in how the body responds, recovers from exercise
  • Do ice bath later in the day, not immediately after the workout

-How depression and anxiety respond to cold therapy…45:30

  • Chronic illness brings depression, anxiety, uncertainty
  • An ice bath brings a surge of norepinephrine and dopamine
  • Motion brings on emotion
  • “Reset” button on emotional dysregulation
  • An ice bath often brings out the best mood in a person
  • Biology of Belief  by Bruce Lipton
  • 35°F or below to get the best effects

-How an ice bath affects blood glucose levels…50:50

-Precautions to take before considering regular ice baths…54:40

  • Reduce anxiety you experience before the sensation
  • No real health issues after using an ice bath; limiting beliefs
  • Don’t do an ice bath if you have a pacemaker
  • It’s okay to begin at a warmer temp and work your way down
  • You begin to feel the benefits of cold at 55°F
  • The cold doesn’t need to be your adversary

-Meditation and breathwork before an ice bath…1:00:10

-The recipe for Ben’s secret steak sauce…1:11:06

-How to combine heat therapy with ice baths…1:15:30

-Epsom salts and magnesium salts in the Morozko…1:21:08

-And much more!…

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