JW Ross On The New Euphoria Compound In The Energy Drink Industry

If you’ve been paying attention to my social feed recently, you’ve no doubt seen me throwing back—nearly every day—a small blue bottle of absolutely euphoric, energizing goodness that is one of my favorite new discoveries of late for energy, workouts, sex, a better mood and much, much more.

Inside the bottle is a tonic of ancient plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where the ingredients have been used both socially and in wellness for centuries. The formula is called “Feel Free” and was invented by today’s podcast guest JW Ross—also known as Jerry Ross—as a unique and potent blend of the earthy and spicy tones of the ancient tropical plants kava and kratom, along with refreshing pineapple juice, coconut, and premium sweet stevia leaves.

JW Ross is a lifelong innovator and investor in the international business and financial world. He has been married for over 20 years, and he has two grown children who are also active in business and finance. JW Ross currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California where he is an avid yoga practitioner.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-How JW Ross got involved in the nutrition industry…06:42

  • Began in the oil industry and did really well financially, but developed some unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption
  • Went to rehab in 2008, had an “ah-ha” moment watching A Beautiful Mind movie; “choose not to engage with” the voices encouraging bad behavior
  • Byron Katie’s questions: Is this true? Do I know this to be true?
  • Began studying neuroscience after rehab which helped identify some unhealthy thought patterns
  • Sought something that would allow the social liberation he felt with alcohol without the negative effects
  • Had discovered kava living in Vanuatu earlier, but sought more
  • BGF podcast with Cameron George on kava:

-The ingredient JW Ross discovered living in Asia that is the key to the Feel Free product…19:00

  • Kratom trees are prominent in Vietnam
  • Used for working long days, and having fun doing it; similar to cocoa leaves
  • Kratom products in the West were not in their pure form, more for getting high than any real health benefits
  • Kratom tends to be high in heavy metals
  • Mind Bullet
  • BGF podcast with Chris Bell on kratom:

-How to mitigate some of the harmful effects of kratom…24:56

  • People in Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. use kratom their whole lives and are perfectly fine
  • BASE blood test for liver enzyme evaluation
  • Ben has had a lot of Feel Free over the last few months with negligible changes in liver enzyme markers

-The effects of finding the magic formula of kava and kratom…27:45

  • JW Ross had left the fintech industry and was looking for the next chapter in life
  • Found the right ratio of kava and kratom that mimicked the effects of alcohol without getting drunk
  • Ratio of 5 parts kava, 1 part kratom
  • In small doses, it’s an incredible productivity enhancement; people use it for that more than the alcohol replacement
  • Top 2 uses of Feel Free for Ben:
    • Quell appetite cravings; akin to ketones
    • Workout enhancement
  • Reduces desire for other stimulants
  • BGF podcast with Brian Sanders:

-The best strains of kava and kratom in the energy drink…34:36

  • 3 main strains of kratom
  • How it’s dried is a factor in the chemical makeup
  • A single tree can have leaves with green, white, and red veins
  • Will turn red if left in the sun after picking
  • Article on indica and sativa:
  • Kratom is from Indonesia; kava from Vanuatu
  • Study how native populations use the plants and mimic that
  • Full profile of the drink:
    • Pineapple juice – for Vitamin C
    • Coconut cream – better delivery of fat-soluble compounds across the blood-brain barrier
    • M Stevia leaf (Reb M/rebaudioside M) – does not have the aftertaste of ordinary stevia
    • Kava
    • Kratom
  • The coconut cream acts much like C8 (use code BEN to save 10%) or MCT Oil when added to coffee, which enhances the effects

-Best time of day to take the product, and if it affects sleep…43:41

  • 1/2 shot in the morning; 1/2 mid-morning
  • One after lunch; one in the afternoon
  • Work long days and be happy doing it
  • Vivid dreams after taking the product

-How to deal with nausea when taking kratom…47:12

-Why kratom is still illegal in a number of U.S. states…50:48

  • The FDA made kratom illegal in 2015; this decision was overturned due to popular demand
  • 6 states passed laws mimicking the federal law: Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island; cannot order Feel Free in these states
  • 6 states have established kratom testing standards; more are expected in the next decade or so

-Other products coming down the pike from Botanic Tonics…56:23

  • Launching next year:
    • Sleepy Time formula
    • Energy formula

-And much more!

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