Kale Coconut Dressing Salad Recipe

coconut dressing, Kale Coconut Dressing Salad

Kale Coconut Dressing Salad

This kale coconut dressing salad was made by our certified health coach Melissa Nohr.  She is a busy mom of 2 sets of twins and she is passionate about whole food nutrition and healthy lifestyle on a budget.   She does nutrition coaching with people all over the world via video conferencing.  Check out her coaching page here and enjoy this kale coconut dressing salad recipe!

If you enjoy recipes like this, you may be interested in my advanced nutrition and recipe book the Keto Metabolic Breakthrough.

coconut dressing, Kale Coconut Dressing Salad

Coconut Dressing Salad



Yield 4-6 Servings


Servings:  4-6


Step #1:  Rub the kale in olive oil and Himalayan salt until it softens and becomes more tender.

Step #2:  Prepare vegetables by chopping kale and red cabbage. Use a mandolin or knife to slice Brussels sprouts.

Step #3:  To make dressing, combine coconut milk, lemon juice, shallots, salt and pepper in bowl. Wisk ingredients together.

Step #4:  To assemble salad, toss vegetables with dressing and pumpkin seeds. Top with coconut flakes.

Courses Side Dish

Amount Per Serving

Calories 254

% Daily Value

Total Fat 18 g


Total Carbohydrates 15 g


Dietary Fiber 6 g


Sugars 2 g

Protein 10 g


coconut dressing, Kale Coconut Dressing Salad

Dr Jockers Comments

This kale coconut dressing salad is a fantastic vegan, micronutrient dense keto recipe that tastes outstanding.  This recipe is full of healthy fats that provide satiety and help us to burn fat for fuel.

It is best to soften the kale with the olive oil and salt to make it more tender and easier on the digestive system.  You could also do this with the red cabbage and the brussel sprouts if you have trouble digesting these raw as well.

I enjoy the sprouted pumpkin seeds which are a great source of zinc, B vitamins, magnesium and other trace minerals.  Coconut fats are the major calorie source in this recipe and they provide healthy medium chain fats that are easy on the digestive system and help our body to stabilize blood sugar and produce ketones.

Our Cancer Cleanse program features a plant-based, ketogenic diet that is high in healthy fats, fiber and micronutrients while being low in protein and carbohydrates.  This is a great recipe to put into action to stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your risk of developing cancer.

coconut dressing, Kale Coconut Dressing Salad

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