Keep it Classy With This Cold Brew-Inspired Coffee Martini

The Bold Remedy Coffee Martini recipe and visual content created by Gio Gutierrez, ChatChowTV

Treat your taste buds to a cocktail recipe that’s much more interesting (and healthier) than a traditional vodka martini. Although this espresso-and-cold-brew-inspired “coffee” martini only requires four ingredients (three, if you don’t count the ice!), its sophisticated flavors and classy appearance separate it from any after-dinner drink or afternoon pick-me-up you’ve tried before.

Best of all? It takes just a few minutes of total time to transform a simple set of ingredients into a bold, upscale coffee cocktail shaken for even the most elite imbibers.

While a typical espresso martini can go overboard on carbohydrates due to the inclusion of coffee liqueurs (Kahlua) and Irish cream liqueurs (Baileys Irish Cream), that’s not the case here. In fact, you won’t find any simple syrup, half-and-half or a single gram of added sugar in this coffee martini recipe.

Instead, ChatChowTV’s Gio Gutierrez lets Bulletproof Lightly Sweetened Cold Brew Black and Bulletproof The Mentalist Espresso Pods shine as the two main stars. Plus, an ounce of vodka (perhaps two, if you prefer your drink a little stronger) will remind you that this isn’t your ordinary serving of espresso coffee.

All you need to craft a delicious cocktail is a Nespresso Original line pod-friendly coffee machine, a shaker cup, a clean martini glass, some ice cubes and a little bit of elbow grease. By the time you’re finished—which won’t take long at all—you’ll be left with the coffee martini of your dreams!

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The Bold Remedy Coffee Martini

The Bold Remedy Coffee Martini

Start to Finish: 5 Minutes



  1. Brew one pod of espresso lungo style in a Nespresso Original line machine.
  2. Add vodka, Cold Brew Black and 1 oz. of your freshly brewed espresso coffee to a martini shaker filled with ice. Shake for 20 seconds.
  3. Pour contents into your favorite martini glass.
  4. Cheers with friends and family and enjoy the velvety goodness of this delicious coffee cocktail!

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