Leland Stillman On Light As Medicine, COVID Controversies & Much More.

Dr. Leland Stillman is one interesting doctor and a man after my own heart – meaning he’s interested in everything from how polar bears use cold thermogenesis and hibernation to enhance longevity to how your environment drastically shapes your health no matter how hard you exercise or how perfectly you eat.

He became interested in natural and integrative medicine at an early age. After majoring in environmental health at Connecticut College and earning his medical doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Dr. Stillman completed his training in internal medicine at Maine Medical Center. Board-certified in internal medicine and specializing in integrative medicine, he has a passion for doing whatever it takes to discover the root cause of his patients’ medical problems through advanced laboratory testing and then addressing those imbalances with dietary or lifestyle interventions. Dr. Stillman focuses not only on the patient but on all aspects of the environment they live in. Some of Dr. Stillman’s professional interests include phototherapy (photobiomodulation), nutrition, toxicology, and the immune system.

In this podcast, we talk light, EMF, air, water, sound, metabolic typing, COVID vaccines, and a whole lot more!

During this discussion, you’ll also discover:

-Dr. Stillman’s family history…6:30

  • His ancestor was a physician to Gov. Stanford of California in the 1800s
  • Son died of a bacterial infection and was named after Gov. Stanford
  • Practice is in Richmond, VA; however, 99% of his practice is virtual
  • Pretty Healthy practice in NYC
  • Dr. Anthony Beck’s BGF podcasts:
  • Dr. Stillman’s videos on COVID went viral (video is now not available)
  • Life Site News

-Why Dr. Stillman is not planning on getting vaccinated for COVID…10:30

-How to mitigate the effects of, and how to avoid contracting, COVID…16:35

-How to optimize light for your own biology…23:10

-How to use melatonin as a “circadian reset”…35:15

-How to determine the proper lighting for your home…39:50

  • First determine your goal
  • Red lamp during the night when waking up in the night
  • HugoAi lamps
  • Dimmable lights tend to produce higher amounts of EMF
  • Dirty EMF filter
  • Turn off dimmers during sleep

-The Polar Bear program for optimizing health…43:50

  • Dr. Jack Kruse: “Eat like a shark, live like a polar bear”
  • Humans in high artificial light eat lots of food, gain weight, don’t sleep well, etc.
  • Polar bears have many of the same metabolic abnormalities as humans with the poor diets
  • Adaptations that allow them to survive the winter
  • Dr. Stillman had many of these symptoms
  • Repleted levels of nutrients and health improved dramatically
  • Balance Protocol by Dr. Anthony Beck

-Breathwork protocols Dr. Stillman uses…50:50

-What kind of dietary approach Dr. Stillman utilizes for himself and his patients…57:00

-Light shapes life: How the human body creates light within itself…1:09:00

  • Ra Optics blue light blocking glasses
  • BGF podcasts with Matt Maruca:
  • Our bodies are built to retain light via the mitochondria
  • Hot mitochondria? Paper by Nick Lane mentioned by Dr. Stillman
  • Light is a form of energy
  • Mitochondria emit large amounts of infrared light
  • Lack of magnesium affects the ability to produce internal light

-The two elements of health Dr. Stillman views as non-negotiable…1:16:55

  • Mindset and psychology
  • Those around us sabotage our efforts to get well because of toxic negativity
  • The best results are those patients with the most hope, faith, most positive mindset
  • Placebo effect is a thing
  • Anatomy of An Illness by Norman Cousins
  • Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

-And much more!

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Dr. Leland Stillman:

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