Matt Maruca Interviews Ben Greenfield As He Accidentally Gets High.

In this special episode of the podcast, recorded live at Ben’s house in Spokane, Washington, Ra Optics founder and light/circadian rhythm expert Matt Maruca interviews Ben Greenfield.

Ben takes you along his 8-year brick-and-mortar journey in the world of fitness and explains why he eventually switched into writing, speaking, consulting, and podcasting.

You’ll learn more about Ben’s experiences since starting the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast, what the world of podcasting offers now, what ancestral health is, whether Ben sees their small footprint making its way to the mainstream route anytime soon, why Ben recently began managing his daily information consumption through a “quality over quantity” perspective, Ben’s experiments with the magical butter machine and ketamine, the light diet in its spiritual form, how Ben created a name for himself in the fitness world, what fascinates Ben most about natural living, how we make the most impact on this planet, how outsourcing eliminates information overwhelm, spirituality through the lens of the hero’s journey, the idea of finding true fulfillment through spirituality, and much, much more!

In Ben’s conversation with Matt, you’ll discover:

-How Ben began the interview with Matt on a truly high note…07:15

-The “light diet” in its spiritual form…12:40

  • Diet to realign oneself with nature

-Who is Ben Greenfield?…14:15

  • Born in North Idaho, parents from big cities wracked with very unhealthy lifestyles
  • Raised to be creative, unconventional in thinking
  • Developed a keen interest in the human body, physiology
  • Accepted into six medical schools; opted to enter the job market in the medical field
  • This led to a disillusionment with the Western medicine system
  • Immersed in fitness world for 8+ years
  • Got out of the personal training/gym owner role and began writing, podcasting, speaking around 2009
  • Became known as an endurance, obstacle course racer

-Ben’s podcasting and immersive journalist path over the last 12 years…27:45

  • The fitness community is obsessed with diet and exercise
  • Became more and more interested in ancestral health, evolutionary mismatches
  • Personal protocols changed
  • Changed understanding of what comprises true health
  • Immersive journaling, self-experimentation

-Whether this small ancestral health footprint will go mainstream…32:30

-What Ben thinks is the most fascinating part of “natural living”…40:50

-How to know where to put your focus in a world of information overload…47:15

  • FOMO – always feeling like you’re not taking in enough info
  • Use the unique skill set and purpose you’re born with to make an impact in this world
  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
  • The One Thing by Gary Keller
  • Entrepreneurs don’t outsource enough right out the gate
  • Taking on debt to hire an assistant is a prudent move
  • If it’s not a “hell yes,” it’s a no
  • Learning to fulfill your purpose, not just for the sake of learning
  • Limitless by Jim Quick
  • Quality over quantity while reading or listening

-Why Ben is a Christian…1:09:45

-Where to start your holistic path…1:26:50

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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