Mattress Smarts 101 for High-Performance Sleep – Jack Dell’Accio – #875

you’re going to learn how to revamp your sleeping environment and get awesome sleep. 

If you aren’t hacking, tracking, and prioritizing your sleep, it’s time to start.

Sleep is a pillar of high performance that affects pretty much everything you do. If you want to perform at your best, you have to get deep, restorative sleep. You know that, but are you doing it?

I’ve interviewed many sleep experts on my podcast. (Psst… I even created a 14-Day Sleep Challenge that teaches you how to hack your sleep.) 

This interview, however, is a bit different. I’ve invited a new kind of sleep expert on the show.

Jack Dell’Accio spent the past 16 years studying mattresses. He set out to hack every aspect of mattresses, from pressure relief to posture support to toxin-free materials. 

You know that plastic, chemical smell that fills your bedroom when you get a new mattress? That’s caused by off-gassing—a combination of volatile chemicals that turn into gas and fill the air in your bedroom as you break in your mattress. Research has found that many off-gassing chemicals are respiratory irritants and can cause you to develop chemical sensitivities[*][*]. They’re nasty compounds and you don’t want to spend eight hours a night breathing them in. 

That’s where Jack comes in. 

After years of research, Jack created a new type of memory foam a natural rubber latex-based foam that provides support and pressure relief, without the off-gassing irritants that you find in old-school memory foam. 

Jack founded Essentia, the first mattress company that uses materials that are good for your body, your health, and your environment. It’s a major upgrade over memory foam, both in terms of sleeping experience and chemical content. 

Essentia manufactures its mattresses and sleep products in its own GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic factory. These are the two most important certifications when it comes to organic mattresses and organic mattress manufacturing. They’ve also had their mattresses tested by experts at Johns Hopkins.

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