Official Greenfield Family Q&A Podcast: Tradition-Building & More

In this special family Q&A podcast, Ben Greenfield sits down with his wife Jessa and 13-year-old twin sons River and Terran of to answer all your burning questions about parenting, cooking, traditions, legacy-building, family game nights, and much, much more!

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-A quick and dirty summary of the Greenfield family history…11:08

  • Mom was the jock, dad was the nerd
  • Married at 21
  • Ben changed his mind about medical school after working in the medical device industry for a year

-What are our key rituals/routines/comings/goings?…19:08

  • Rich Christiansen, who helps make a family legacy playbook
  • Meditation, listening to a song in the morning around 7:30 am
  • Spiritual Disciplines Journal
  • End of the day, come together for family dinner, sing-alongs, games, prayers
  • The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett
  • Weekly gathering with neighbors at the house
  • Family prayer board in the pantry
  • While traveling: escape rooms and cooking classes

-A typical day in the life of Jessa…38:15

  • The woman is the curator of the home
  • Begin with incense, prayer
  • Ease into the day, school, etc.
  • Sunrise alarm clock
  • Take care of animals, have breakfast with the boys
  • Jessa’s mission in life is to serve the family (not as simple as it sounds)
  • Play tennis, yoga, gardening, canning
  • Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center
  • Magnesium at night before bed

-How Jessa finds joy/meaning/purpose in being a wife and mother…52:45

  • The children have been entrusted to her by God
  • Want to make the home a sanctuary, a place her husband loves coming home to

-A typical day in the life of River and Terran…56:45

  • Wake up at 6 a.m. with sunrise alarm clock
  • Read the Bible in bed
  • Breakfast: Dutch baby, eggs, bacon, Magic Spoon, overnight oatmeal
  • Unschooling activities:
  • Podcast on unschooling:
  • Afternoon: music, sports, lingering homework
  • Read 2 hrs per day on average

-How do we approach screen time/TV/social media?…1:05:16

  • Ben uses his phone almost primarily for work issues
  • Jessa for listening to music
  • Scrolling on a feed is a foreign concept
  • No rules on screen time, video game time, etc.
  • Understand the consequences of unhealthy choices

-How Ben and Jessa teach their kids to make good diet choices…1:10:30

  • Teach kids to cook at as young an age as possible
  • Teach to reverse engineer food; know what’s in what they’re eating
  • Teach a person to fish, rather than give them fish
  • When someone cooks something, they’re more likely to eat it

-What supplements River and Terran like to take…1:15:30

-Is it weird being “well known” or living with a somewhat well-known father/personality?…1:16:30

-Why does our family seem to be so happy and joyful?…1:21:00

  • Greenfield family mission statement: We are the Greenfields. We live to faithfully shine the light of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice to the world by savoring and sharing His Creation. We believe in the absolute truth of God’s word and commit to daily immersing ourselves in the wisdom of Scripture, prayer, and communion with God. We are lovers of life and savor all of creation with a spirit of curiosity, adventure, light-heartedness, community-building, and sharing our joy with all, knowing that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. We know that each of our blessings is gifted through grace for us to steward, to share, and to enjoy with an abundant spirit of generosity. In all of our relationships, we prize, prioritize and commit to love, sacrifice, forgiveness, radical honesty, transparency, and truth. We are uniquely created in God’s divine image and called as makers to intelligently create beauty that shines forth His glory. Our yes is our yes, our no is our no, and we are dependable leaders who endure and persevere through all, learning to be content with a spirit of gratitude and peace no matter our circumstances. We embrace in a spirit of full humility our interdependence and need for a deep, present connection with our ancestors, our community, our planet, and our legacy. We fully trust that as fruits of our faithful obedience, God’s promises and blessings will extend to our family, our children, their children, and a thousand generations beyond, so that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

-And much more!…

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