Parasites: The Missing Link to Chronic Illness

chronic illness, Parasites:  The Missing Link to Chronic Illness

Parasites:  The Missing Link to Chronic Illness

Often the root cause of chronic illnesses, parasites are more common than you think!

In humans, these organisms can cause a wide array of symptoms — digestive trouble, skin rashes, irritability, teeth grinding, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression and more — and many people are unknowingly infected.

If you’ve been sick for years, parasites could be causing some of your symptoms. Join me and learn how to properly detect and eliminate them!

Parasites: The Missing Link to Chronic Illness could help you answer questions like:

  • Why are parasite infections such a big deal?
  • How do I know if I have a parasitic infection?
  • What is the connection between parasites & autoimmunity?
  • Do environmental factors impact parasitic infections?
  • How do I implement an antiparasitic diet?
  • What’s preventing me from eliminating parasites?
  • How do I defend against getting parasites in the first place?
  • Get answers to these and many more questions!

—>>Learn everything you need to know about parasites when you attend this complimentary, online event!

chronic illness, Parasites:  The Missing Link to Chronic Illness

Why Attend This Important Health Event?

Your host, Dr. Jaban Moore, became a health advocate for himself when his health started to decline when he was 25. With symptoms of fatigue, joint pain and low testosterone with no known cause, he searched for answers from many different doctors.

After not finding answers from several of them, he met a practitioner at a functional medicine conference who suggested the possibility of Lyme disease and parasites. After some testing and further investigation, he was found to be positive, and this began his journey of learning how to treat these issues.

He has been symptom free for over 5 years now, and often sees parasites as a root cause of chronic illness in MANY of his clients.  He’s here to help you by sharing his wisdom and experience.

Parasites are not obvious, their intention is to remain hidden.  If you’ve developed an infection, you may not know it.  Uncover valuable strategies for identifying infection symptoms and eliminating parasites, when you…

—>>Download your complimentary eGuide, How Do I Know if I Have Parasites?!

chronic illness, Parasites:  The Missing Link to Chronic Illness

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