Taking Alcohol in a Natural Direction – Bill Moses with Dave Asprey – #843

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Bill Moses joins the show to introduce you too Flying Embers, an innovation lab that makes hard kombucha, hard seltzers and other fermented botanical brews.

Bill founded Flying Embers with the idea of transforming the alcohol industry with what he calls “better-for-you” products. He’s a seasoned expert in the natural beverage industry who helped build the first certified organic winery in Southern California, Casa Barranca. He’s now blended his experience in organic winemaking with the ancient fermentation practices to create modern drinks rooted in ancient botanical traditions.

“I know that I want to have a little bit of fun,” Bill says. “I want to have a drink. I want to relax, whatever it might be. And we know that the alcohol could cause some inflammation. Well, is there an offset? Is there something that may offset some of it? That’s the way I rationalize this as better-for-you alcohol.”

He also wants to change the existing alcohol paradigm. No small goal there.

I don’t talk about alcohol much on the show, but there’s all sorts of good live bacteria in Flying Embers products made from natural, organic, plant-based sources. You’ll find innovative ingredients, some pretty bold flavors and functional benefits you wouldn’t expect to find in alcohol.

Flying Embers also diligently manages what goes in and the fermentation process. They have a staff microbiologist who lab tests all products to ensure quality. Our conversation dives into the science behind drink development.

“We really want to know what’s in there,” Bill says. “We really want to test it. We really want to continue to maintain the integrity of the bacteria and the yeast that is fully clean and tested for mycotoxins and all sorts of impurities.”

Flying Embers drinks contain no residual sugar, reminding us that sugar is not our friend. Instead, turmeric, ginseng and astragalus gets added the fermentation process, which act as adaptogens. These herbs turn our stress responses on and off more effectively.

Hard kombucha is becoming a mainstream item you can find in bars, restaurants, and retailers across the country, so this is an exciting time to be hearing about a brand that has in mind what’s best for our bodies. This is kombucha that I can get behind.

Flying Embers also has an interesting backstory. The company Launched in the midst of the 2017 Thomas Fires in Ojai, California. Literally among flying embers. The company donates a portion of proceeds to first responders.

Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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Taking Alcohol in a Natural Direction – Bill Moses with Dave Asprey – #843


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Facebook: facebook.com/flyingembersbrew

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Key Notes

  • In the middle of the 2017 fires across California, you started your current Flying Embers company. Did the name Flying Embers come from the fire or is that just a coincidence?  – 4:52
  • It’s really interesting. It’s a category that’s really growing and taking off. The non-al kombucha space is now trending around a billion dollars with a 20% growth.  – 6:38
  • We’re doing a PCQR DNA test. It’s called scorpion test. You can get a view in on the actual DNA of what it is. Inevitably, SCOBYs get passed around.  – 9:57
  • Saccharomyces boulardii is something that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a species of yeast that eats bad yeast. It eats candida and it’s used to reduce auto-immunity and it’s something that I’ve used in a home fermentation. – 12:57
  • We all know that alcohol can really be impactful to one’s health. For those of us that like to have a drink, something that’s healthy, I think this is the best way in. That’s why I took 10 years to cultivate this.  – 17:19
  • We don’t use honey for a reason because honey could harbor, when diluted down mycotoxins. And so, we consciously don’t go that route.  – 18:59
  • This is part of the fermentation, the primary fermentation process. We have turmeric, we have ginseng, and we have turmeric, ginseng. We use astragalus in some of our local, and ginger. These are the adaptogens that we ferment in the SCOBY. – 20:36
  • There is substantiation documents that show an ethanol-based extraction in fact gives you more bioavailably, pulls out more of the better-for-you botanical that your body can actually use.  – 26:23
  • I think I’m a tactile guy that really wants to touch and feel what my give back is, where I am right now. And so, look, I mean, climate change, fires, hurricanes, flooding, all that stuff is happening. It’s real. And so, for me, my most impactful way of dealing with this I think is giving right back to the first responders.  – 30:26
  • You got really sick. Tell me about your experience with COVID.  – 36:27
  • If there’s no judgment, whether you’re for or against something, you want to follow or you don’t want to follow, at the end of the day, everybody has their own individual right and choice. And that freedom is really important.  – 42:58
  • A lot of my clients avoid kombucha because it makes them gassy and that sometimes it can feed the not-so-good gut bacteria. Does Flying Embers help contribute to the good guys or the bad guys?  – 46:04
  • My next venture is actually going to be one more beverage I made that’s going to be something that’s more of a nootropic. – 49:18
  • The testing, the purity, knowing that science is really the most important thing I think for any of us these days, given the state of the world and the state of our ecosystem. – 52:21


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