What You Must Know About Mold – Dr. Neil Nathan and Dr. Margaret Christensen – #829

This episode of Bulletproof Radio combines important information about mold from two leading expert physicians treating patients today.

Over more than 25 years of a 50-year medical career, Dr. Neil Nathan has become a researcher, complex medical problem-solver and healer of mold toxicity. He treats patients who become too toxic and sensitive, and don’t tolerate usual medical treatments.

There’s a basic biology to all mold dysfunction, he explains. “Mold toxin enters the cells and begins to interfere with certain types of metabolism. That type of interference affects all parts of the body, including the brain and brain chemistry.”

Dr. Nathan works to bring an awareness that mold toxicity is a major contributing factor for patients with chronic illness. Toxic mold is one of the most common, unrecognized, underlying factors for many different chronic illnesses in adults and children.

Severe toxic mold exposure was the root cause of Dr. Margaret Christensen own family’s physical and mental health issues. The experience changed the course of her career—from an obstetrician-gynecologist to a doctor specializing in Functional Medicine. She now researches and treats hormone disruption and neurodegenerative diseases caused by toxic mold.

Mold exposure is a multifactorial challenge, Dr. Christensen says. “The way I approach it is I’m not just dealing at the physiologic level, the physical level, of course, using binders and to pull things out and upregulating detox mechanisms with things like glutathione. I do a whole lot of work in the limbic system, because oftentimes, people who’ve had toxic mold exposure, it’s not one exposure.”

In this conversation, we talk about mold’s effect on people, what doctors are getting wrong, and promising new treatments.

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What You Must Know About Mold – Dr. Neil Nathan and Dr. Margaret Christensen – #829


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Key Notes

  • Toxic mold is probably one of the most common unrecognized underlying factors for many different chronic illnesses. – 3:19
  • Every area of the body can be inflamed by mold toxicity. And it can take different forms in different patients based on their genetics and based on their biochemistry.  – 4:55
  • The mold toxic level doesn’t stay stable in the body. It fluctuates, moves up and down. So you could be better some days and worse others.  – 9:57
  • Hormones are a huge issue in terms of what mycotoxins can do to disrupt it. And it happens really in four different ways.  – 10:45
  • If the limbic system is dysfunctional, it will actually prevent the body from allowing you to take what you need to get well.  – 15:38
  • We see so much housing that is just terrible. We’re not talking about the fact that air quality impacts the immune system in the lungs.  – 19;18
  • He published a landmark paper, simply called The Cell Danger Response in the journal Mitochondrion, if you simply Google Naviaux, cell danger response, you’ll get a host of papers that Bob has written all published. – 22:57
  • Let’s talk a little bit more about hormones. Give me the woman hormones symptoms.  – 22:57
  • I don’t know if you’ve ever heard Doug Kaufman. Again, he’s got this fabulous talk called What if Cancer is Fungus?  – 28:31
  • For all the people out there who have Lyme that had been treating for Lyme for years and years with antibiotics and stuff, where is the mold? Look for the mold first.  – 31:25
  • So you’ve got to evaluate your environment and your environment’s got to be safe. Second, you’ve got to use the binders that are correct for the toxins that are in your body and third, you’ve got to take antifungals for the sinus and gut areas to get it out of there. – 33:22
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is a better option. And then there are also some citrus-based antifungals that are better.  – 35:05
  • If you feel better and not completely well, and you stop treatment and you stop taking your binders, mold will grow back. And I’ve seen this way too often.39:32
  • My book, it’s called Toxic: Heal Your Body From Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Other Chronic Environmental Exposures. I wrote it so that it would be helpful. It has helped already thousands of people to understand what they have and to understand how to get the medical care. – 43:46
  • If you want healthy kids and you want reasonable healthcare costs, we’ve got to solve this problem as a world.  – 44:46

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